Winner overall of the Stellendam Regatta

In the weekend of 23 – 24 april 2005 I participated in the VanUden-Reco Stellendam Regatta on board of Taraké, a brand new Hanse 371. She’s a Judel and Vrolijk design, and if you know that Rolf Vrolijk is the designer responsible for the winning America’s Cup boat Alinghi, then you know that she was build to sail fast. And it showed. The first day we finished second in our class (SW), some 5 minutes on corrected time behind Gorgeous, a Jeanneau Sun Fast 40. On Sunday, we made good a lot of distance on her under gennaker while Gorgeous was flying a spinnaker. In the last straigth line before the finish, we put in an extra effort, crossing the finnish line about a minute behind her. Because we have a sligthly better rating (83,4 versus 79,5) we knew that on corrected time, the difference would be in the range of seconds. So we were a bit dissapointed to end second also the second day. But our skipper already had a feeling that the results of the second day were not quite correct. The message that the organisation’s computer had crashed only added to that. And indeed, today I found out that we indeed finnished first on corrected time, on Sunday. Because Gorgous dropped from a first place to a fifth place, she also lost her first place overall to us!

And today I got a phone call with the question if i could jump in for someone to participate in the North Sea Regatta onboard a Grand Soleil 45.

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