Cycling to a wedding in Poland

Friends of Kristien got married. He is a software engineer from Belgium who now works for Google in Zurich. She is a pretty Polish girl. Together they decided to marry in her home country, in a little castle in woods of Tuczno. The place is pretty hard to reach, so Kristien and i decided to make it even more adventurous by taking the train to Berlin, renting two bicycles there and cycling the 200 km from the German border to Tuczno.

Taking the lead

The landscape in Poland was beautiful: lots of small villages…

Setting sun

…desolate farms…

So old it becomes beautiful again

"Once upon a time there were three pigs who went out into the world to seek their fortune..."

…big lakes and huge forests…

Starting the day in early sunshine


… and immense wide open plains. They can best be seen in this small movie I made from video-snippets I took with my Canon G9.

All in all, the trip was a real joy!


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