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Kite Aerial Photography along the coast of Spain and Portugal. 0

In the beginning of April 2009 I made a post on the Kite Aerial Photography forum and asked to recommend me a beginner rig and kite. I explained that I would join friends on a sailing trip from Breskens in the Netherlands to Lisbon in Portugal, and that that trip would be the perfect opportunity […]

Cycling to a wedding in Poland 0

Friends of Kristien got married. He is a software engineer from Belgium who now works for Google in Zurich. She is a pretty Polish girl. Together they decided to marry in her home country, in a little castle in woods of Tuczno. The place is pretty hard to reach, so Kristien and i decided to […]

The long green road to the Mediterranean Sea 0

What do you do when you have two weeks of vacation and don’t know yet how to spend them? You start flipping through the atlas. While doing this it occurred to me that friends of my parents own a little castle (Château de Pierrefitte) in the middle of France, about 500 km straight South from […]

Winner overall of the Stellendam Regatta 0

In the weekend of 23 – 24 april 2005 I participated in the VanUden-Reco Stellendam Regatta on board of Taraké, a brand new Hanse 371. She’s a Judel and Vrolijk design, and if you know that Rolf Vrolijk is the designer responsible for the winning America’s Cup boat Alinghi, then you know that she was […]